What is a ViPR?


So I’m sure many of you have seen these colourful, plastic tube with handles around your gym? Sometimes on a stand, lying on the floor or just stored in a corner? Ever thought what they might be or why people flip them, slam them, twist with them or carry them as part of their gym routine.

These amazing yet strange looking pieces of equipment are called Vipr, which stands for Vitality, Performance Reconditioning and is said to bridge the gap between movement and strength training.

They are creation of trainer Michael Dalcourt, who realised that farm kids who regularly moved a load in daily life were much stronger than any other competitors in sport. From this and studying the science of movement, he produced the ViPR.

Using the ViPR is a fun, safe and effective way of blending strength with functional training and movement into your workout plan, whether your goal to lose weight, tone or improve your fitness for a specific sport. Exercises are designed to challenge and condition groups of muscles, fascia and ligaments, while improving balance, agility, core and dynamic strength all while burning more calories.

I personally find them a great tool and regularly use them in not only my clients workouts but my plans aswell.

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