Think you’re going to get bulky by lifting heavy weights ladies?? Wrong!!

If you are looking to transform your body then lifting heavy weights is by far the best way forward for you.  Women who want to build bigger muscles and work extremely hard to bulk still build muscle mass at a fraction of the rate that men do. So stop worrying, you’re not going to turn in to the HULK over night!!

Here are some reasons why you won’t turn ‘GREEN’ over night:

  • You don’t have the testosterone levels to pack on tons of mass like men do.
  • Women do produce the hormone (Testosterone), but it comes from your ovaries and adrenal glands in smaller doses. 
  • Testosterone is the primary muscle-building hormone in the body. So as woman have significantly less of this hormone, you cannot put on muscle mass as easily as men.
  • Most women don’t consume enough calories to create the mass.

So all in all, to become the bulky beast you needlessly fear, you would have to eat excessive calories daily, add supplementation, and then lift heavy weights on a regular basis. Many women hardly eat enough calories to maintain their current body weight. Getting huge isn’t easy. It won’t happen to you if you learn how to bench press.

So stop worrying and start lifting! Heavy!!


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