Sugar hangover anyone?

Last night we headed to the cinema and as it was Friday night I decided to have some chocolate covered honeycomb pieces as a treat as I’ve been good all week! Adding them into the paper pic n mix bag I thought a couple more wouldn’t hurt so loaded them in! I woke this morning remembering why I try to avoid sugars!

I had an awful night’s sleep with random dreams; I feel groggy, have a headache and feel unmotivated! I have experienced this before and after doing some research it all make sense now.

I have a sugar hangover!

We all know that sugar is bad for our health in regards to weight gain, diabetes etc. But did you know that it can have an effect on how you feel physically and mentally? You can feel Groggy, fuzzy, tired; have headaches, joint pain, stomach problems such as gas, diarrhoea, etc. It can also affect us mentally. You will get an instant high followed by a low such as sadness, lack of motivation, feeling irritable etc.

When I read this back to myself I think ‘how was that a treat?’ The whole idea of a treat is something that can make you feel good but the effects it has on our body is the complete opposite. Also, if we are feeling down from the sugar crash the chances are that we are going to have another treat to make ourselves feel better again and so the cycle begins! I believe this sort of behaviour has a massive affect on society’s health issues today.

When we eat too much sugar our body has to work a lot harder to process it which causes a stress on our body. This can lead to weight gain, lowered immunity, blood sugar problems, diabetes, acidic blood, adrenal fatigue and candida. All of which are very ageing!

And we call these foods a treat??

Cutting out sugar can be hard, I know myself as I always do this when I want to get into shape. Our bodies will crave sugars for about 4-6 days after we have eaten them last. Once you have got through a week of cravings and maybe mood swings your body will stop asking for them. It will be hard but just try to re think how you see them, they are not a treat, they are toxins to your body. Try having some dark berries, Greek yogurt or fruit instead (not too much though!). I always have a decaf tea with almond milk about 20 mins after I have eaten as this is the time I normally crave something sweet.

Also, exercise is the key, it will lift your mood and keep you motivated into sticking with your diet so get down the gym or try some outdoor activities such a running or walking.

Tomorrow is a new day so let’s start a new day with a new way of thinking.

Please give me a call or email if you require further help with your health and fitness.

Good luck,




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