Still waiting to start that New Year resolution!!

If you find yourself constantly saying “I’m waiting for the right time”. Well then here are some helpful tips to getting started.

  • Take a look at your expectations. You have to realise there is no perfect time and there never will be.
  • Create time. Nobody will give that time to you. You’ll need to make it.
  • Just start. Think of your favourite type of exercise and do it, TODAY!
  • Do something, anything. You have to start somewhere, choose the fitter, healthier lifestyle, and reap the rewards!!
  • The First Few Weeks. Starting is always the hardest part, however once your through it, working out will become your routine.
  • Expect resistance. It’s normal. Push through it. Resistance doesn’t mean this won’t work. It just means you’ve started.
  • Get Help. Whether it’s a friend or family member, workout buddy, or a trainer, find someone to fire you up!

I hope this gets you thinking about how you could improve your lifestyle for the better and to start feeling great about yourself!

Healthy Regards

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