Exercise = Positive minds

Having been injured in the last couple of weeks has confirmed my belief that exercise and depression have a strong relationship. The more often you work out, the less likely you are to feel down. Even many doctors now recognise that exercise is the most effective way to treat depression and anxiety related disorders.

We are designed to be active, and when we exercise chemicals are released into our body to help regulate our mood and counter depression.

Incorporating exercise into treatment of depression more frequently would save a lot of patients becoming reliant on popping pills and it would have a massive effect on people’s health & fitness. How many times have you had a drink, chocolate bar, cigarette to combat the blues? I’ll hold my hands up and say if I didn’t exercise I would be 2 stone heavier with a drink problem but exercise has saved me from the dependencies that so many of us have today.

I am in no way saying that I do not drink alcohol or eat some bad foods but it’s the difference of having a treat and using these unhealthy foods as a medication to your depression.

Unhealthy life style choices result in an unhealthy body, an unhealthy body is an unhealthy mind all to which leads to depression.

If your feeling down then the best thing you can do is get of your back side and exercise! It’s doesn’t have to be a massive session, you could just go for a brisk walk or run up and down the stairs whilst listening to D:ream “Things can only get better” I love that song! Ha ha!

If you’re not sure of the song then have a listen here:

There are so many benefits of exercise which include:

Reduced anxiety
Decreased depression
Enhanced mood
Improved self-worth and body image
Weight loss
Fat loss
Increased muscle mass & muscle tone
Increased energy
Combats health conditions and diseases, to name a few.

Going to a gym or health club helps people to get out the house and build new relationships. Exercise also has clear goals that allow people to feel they have succeeded in something. But the vital key is that it is a distraction; as it provides something to do that distracts people from their usual pattern of negative thoughts. I believe that negative thoughts are responsible for many problems in peoples lives today and if we can combat these thoughts with exercise we can live a positive healthy future.

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