Don’t easily give in to hunger pains!!

If you are feeling peckish, when you are watching TV, or sitting down relaxing, then sip a pint of water instead and eat a piece of fruit or handful of mixed unsalted nuts & seeds, and maybe do an activity. The thirst/hunger receptors in your brain are very sensitive and they can often become confused.


Also your brain will crave to eat when you aren’t very active with your body, as it wants to do something through boredom.


If you choose to exercise, you can still watch the TV, but instead of filling your face with bad food, you are actually increasing your activity levels and reducing the chance of your body creating insulin, therefore encouraging your metabolism to keep going. Remember any snacks you would have normally eaten are refined carbohydrates and therefore, high in calorie content!!


Why undo and waste all that hard work you are undertaking for the sake of one small chocolate bar or large glass of Coke?!? Instead of water you could even drink a cup/mug of Green Tea or even better Herbalife Thermojetics Herbal Tea to encourage the fat burn whilst your body is at rest and also boost your energy levels.


If you are at work, then get up out of your chair and walk around the office for a few minutes, go to the office kitchen, pour yourself some water have a drink and have a stretch, or go to the water cooler and head for the door for some fresh air and a quick 2 minute walk a few squats or lunges with raised arms and have a stretch..definitely not a smoke will be far more productive when you get back to your desk.


Stay focused on your goals, don’t give in to temptation and take the easy route quick fix that everybody else does and you too could have the results you want.

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