10 Reasons to drink water

1: Helps you lose weight – it reduces hunger & is an effective appetite suppressant which has zero calories. It also flushes out the by-products of fat breakdown.

2: look younger with healthier skin – helps replenish skin tissues, moisturises skin & increases skin elasticity

3: natural headache remedy – helps relieve headaches & back pain caused by dehydration

4: better productivity at work – as your brain is mostly water, even slight dehydration can make it harder to concentrate & affect your mood and problem solving

5: better exercise – drinking water regulates your body temperature and helps fuel your muscle & energise your workouts.

6: less cramps & strains – proper hydration helps keep your joints & muscles lubricated making them less likely to get injured or cramp up

7: helps digestion & constipation – drinking water raises your metabolism which helps with digestion. In hand with fibre, water aids in the your bowel movements

8: relieves fatigue – helps flush out toxins & waste products

9: less likely to get sick – improve your immune system & fight off ailments such as flu, kidney stones & heart problems

10: good mood – your body feels good & hydrated so you’ll feel better.

So how much water should you drink? Aim to drink between 2-3 litres per day.

If you struggle to remember to drink water, set yourself reminders…alarms on phone, post it’s on computer or like Kelly, whose water bottle is in this photo, mark up a bottle with times and make sure you drink it throughout the day.

Happy drinking!


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