Time to join the primal movement

Open up any fitness magazine & you’ll see numerous articles on the effectiveness of functional training, how to burn fat fast and bodyweight circuits that can be done anywhere. Shorter sessions that are fun and exciting that can be done in your lounge or park are the big trends in the fitness industry right now.

But what about incorporating all three in a fast, fun and effective session? A bodyweight workout that utilises functional movements in all planes of motion…introducing PRIMAL FLOW.

Primal Flow is a bodyweight training system that maximises the movement potential of the human body through an infinite number of exercises. With thousands of potential movement patterns, no session will be the same as the last.

This great training method uses movements such as push, pull, leap, roll & jump in a progressive flow of movements that will challenge both the cardiovascular system and large groups of muscles. Used by professional sports teams, group fitness classes and general public alike, this is a fun and effective workout that’ll get you working hard & using muscles you didn’t know existed. It’s changed the way in which I look at fitness and training both clients and myself.

For more information or a free taster contact Emma, a Primal Flow Specialist on 07769340026 or emma@cheshirefitness.co.uk or check out www.primalflow.com for videos of this amazing training system.

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