Exercise = Positive minds

Having been injured in the last couple of weeks has confirmed my belief that exercise and depression have a strong relationship. The more often you work out, the less likely you are to feel down. Even many doctors now recognise that exercise is the most effective way to treat depression and anxiety related disorders. read more >>

Hydrate and bring your workout to a whole new level!

In my eyes water is the number one thing that gets me through a workout, if I didn’t have it before and during my workout I wouldn’t even attempt it! It would be like trying to drive my car without petrol, I just wouldn’t get anywhere! But a lot of people don’t realise how important it really is! Have you ever had a session where you think “I just can’t go on anymore and I have only just done my warm up, HELP!” Chances are is you are just dehydrated! read more >>

Sugar hangover anyone?

Last night we headed to the cinema and as it was Friday night I decided to have some chocolate covered honeycomb pieces as a treat as I’ve been good all week! Adding them into the paper pic n mix bag I thought a couple more wouldn’t hurt so loaded them in! I woke this morning remembering why I try to avoid sugars!

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My top 8 tips for a flat Tummy this Summer!

Although here in sunny old England we have had blizzards, rain & snow we are almost into Spring season which means one thing!! SUMMER is around the corner! We need to start preparing now if we want to look good and feel good in our swimming trunks and bikinis! Here is my guide on how I have gained a nice flat stomach; remember, everything starts with your diet and you must stay strong to get results!

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