Massive Middle-Age Masses

Massive Middle-Age Masses

You’ve 20 Years of Life Left, What are you Going to do with Yours?

By Rick Ashworth MSc and type-1 Diabetic

If you’re over about 35 years of age then it’s best not to waste anymore time, according to current research you’ve potentially only got another 20 years left.

Over the next page I’m going to quickly try to condense the latest findings and explain why the middle-aged are attempting to bring elasticated trousers back into mainstream fashion.

Current trends state (and bare in mind that these trends have become continuously worse over the past couple of decades and will keep doing so unless some sort of personal responsibility is taken) that more than two million people reaching 65 years-of-age within the next twenty years will suffer from four (4) ‘serious’ illnesses. The illnesses go by the names of cancer, type-2 diabetes, dementia and heart disease as well as arthritis, which is most often caused by excessive weight through the joints.images

So, just a quick recap at this point, if you’re aged 45+ then by the time you’re 65 the Office of National Statistics (as of Feb. 2016) gives you just over a 12% chance of getting all four illnesses (1 in 5 of getting all four). That’s not just type-2 diabetes but cancer, heart disease and dementia together. Not only will you be getting chemotherapy, radiotherapy and be on a diet of vegetables but you won’t know you are – is that an upside?

Just in case you’re seriously doing the math, no, no it isn’t.

What this essentially boils down to is that those of us currently in middle-age (around the age of 40 or later) need to stop putting off going to the gym or thinking that one more biscuit won’t do any harm and put down the biscuit barrel (actually, just thrown the bloody barrel away and don’t buy anymore sodding biscuits) until your waist line is at a bare minimum 32” for a woman and 37” for a bloke. Don’t think you’ll be fine – the thought is irresponsible at best and fucking stupid otherwise!

I know this next comment comes with a ‘who cares’ attitude but the NHS is crippled and it’s only going to get worse if you get any of those illnesses in this timeframe you’ll be getting treated in the car park – the corridor will be a joyous blessing, especially if you’ve done sod all to help yourself in the meantime?

I appreciate that losing weight is hard but it doesn’t stop you doing some exercise, just move! Lying on a bench to do a chest press or sitting down for the leg press requires no cardiovascular ability what-so-ever but will increase you’re lean muscle mass, which will help with weight loss and body image and is, therefore, a huge positive in getting healthier. Also, simple light exercise like walking to the shops is a fantastic start and, these days, swapping to an americano rather than a triple chocolate, caramel latte with fudge sprinkles counts too…it really does.

This research has not just been dreamed up, it’s in the journal Age and Aging, conducted on 300,000 people over 35 years of age and by the time they reach 65 they will have (at a minimum) over a 50% chance of contracting two of the serious illnesses listed and they can kiss goodbye to all the optimism about life expectancy getting longer; believe it, it ain’t gonna happen.

The thing that strikes me most is that those in middle-age now have less than a 50% chance of being able to play with their grandchildren. To me it’s not about personal responsibility but, honestly, most will struggle to walk around the park, many will need support to get out of their own homes and, for some, they won’t even be able to remember their grandchildren’s names. Tell me that a better diet and some exercise isn’t worth that or can you put off until tomorrow.

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