Find Your One Thing

Back in 1991 it took Billy Crystal a rather tough cattle-drive holiday to the American southwest and a somewhat terrifying discussion with the trail boss, Curly, to eventually discover what his one thing

However, I haven’t written this post with the aim of helping to find the meaning of life but rather to find the one thing that might help getting into better shape as ‘normal-life’ returns after the summer holidays.

Diets. Nobody really likes diets and nobody really commits to them properly either, the proof being the plethora of contradicting guidance repeated over and over every new year and as each summer is just about to arrive. Surely, there’s not anybody out there who doesn’t appreciate that sugar is bad, alcohol’s not great and fast food should be avoided?

So what’s my advice? Don’t diet. Start with one thing.

We already know the problems with what we’re eating or drinking so what’s the point in making a long list of everything that should be cut out? Simply, look at what you’re eating and drinking and eliminate (or at the very least, cut down on) the unhealthiest part of your current dietary intake: takeaways, weekend binge-drinking, weekday glasses of wine, daily chocolate bars…we know them, there are plenty more.

If you drink just one large glass of red wine each weekday evening you’re adding approximately 1,000kCal to your weekly intake (800kCal if you stick to white); it’s even more calories if you’re a chocolate bar fiend and, probably, more still if you eat takeaways rather than cooking at home.

Take just a moment to think and endeavour to cut that one thing from your diet to help manage your weight and overall health better after the summer holiday excess.

Just one thing and take it from there.

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