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Personal Training

Why train with Cheshire Fitness?

Many gyms can be intimidating places. We pride ourselves on being a very friendly gym; it’s extremely important to Glenn that his gym is an inviting place for all to be and no one should feel out of place.

With a history of careers in the forces and professional sport, our trainers are experts in providing the training that you need and are highly committed to their clients.

We will look at all aspects of your lifestyle from postural analysis to diet and lifestyle, and help you implement the changes you need to make to improve your wellbeing. If you require rehabilitation following surgery we have PT’s who are highly qualified in this field with years of experience behind them.

We work with all levels of fitness, from those who feel unfit or want to lose weight, to those looking for strength and conditioning training to improve their performance in other sports.

We also love boxing at our gym. It’s a brilliant calorie burner and superb for relieving stress. The first thing Glenn did when he opened the gym was to install a fabulous built in boxing rig, great for boxing lessons and classes or implemented into your workouts.

If boxing doesn’t appeal to you, don’t let it put you off! There are plenty of other options within the gym that we can offer to tailor the best workout for you. We can put you on the right path with the perfect programme.


Total Amount per session
8 sessions £320 £40.00
25 sessions £950 £38.00
50 sessions £1800 £36.00
5 Buddy Sessions for up to 3 People £300 £60