A Quick Fitness Challenge

Add to your workout this week a quick fitness challenge. How many press ups and squat thrusts can you complete in one continuous circuit, without dropping your knees to the floor or resting for more than 5 seconds?

For every press up you complete you get two points and for every squat thrust 1 point. You can alternate between each exercise as many times as you want. When you finally collapse in a lactic acid fuelled heap, stop the clock, see how long you lasted and add up your point total.

If you would like to video your attempts and send them into mark@cheshirefitness I can add your time and score to a leader-board to see who is the press up and squat thrust champion!

Good luck and enjoy the burn, I look forward to building up a leader-board!

See if you can beat my client, Nick. He totalled 52 press ups and 27 squat thrusts before he finally buckled giving him a total of 131 points and a time of 1.15. Here is his video



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