The Hive

The hive is our hardcore training facility, with tyres ropes and heavy duty training equipment its one of the best training facilities in cheshire helping all our committed clients get incredible results! By signing up with one of our trainers at the hive you are entering into a community of people wanting to get maximum results from their training.

Our trainers might try to break you, ask everything of you everyday, will accept that sometimes you will fail, feel weak and want to quit- but then the realisation of what you can achieve hits you, that you can transform more than anything you can imagine and beyond all recognition……..

Our trainers will be there step by step, completing the journey with you and helping you go further than you thought possible.

The Hive gym can be found just off the A34 bypass on the Stanley Green Industrial estate. For a free consultation with one of our hive trainers please call 07979544555

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