Nutrition should not be seen as an addition to a good exercise regime, nutrition aids training and recovery and is just as important if you want to see a lasting transformation to your body-shape, feel energy levels sky-rocket and banish illness for good.

A good place to start is by looking at your current diet and assessing how much food we eat that is simple processed carbohydrate.  If your diet is made up from foods that come in the form of white breads, cereals, pastas, rice and ready meals, then it’s a pretty fair bet that regardless of how you look, your insides aren’t quite as pretty.

Regardless of your goals your body is best served through a diet rich in colourful vegetables, proteins and low-GI (glycemic index) carbohydrates.  However, a recent study suggested weight-loss could best be achieved by supplementing your diet with a low-calorie protein drink; it was found that higher protein amounts led to a greater loss in body fat.  Other studies have also shown that using a protein replacement shake gives better results than using a calorie-restricted diet alone*.

 At Cheshire Fitness we recommend three distinct ways of eating to look your absolute best.  If you are currently over the markers set for good health and fitness (see our section on health) then we suggest starting off by going on a short-term detox.  A detox helps the body to remove the toxins that will have built-up within your fat stores and, which are negatively affecting your ability to lose that body-fat.  To begin following the recommended 10-day Cheshire Fitness detox: in conjunction with Herbalife, 30-year experts in the field of weight-loss and nutrition, please click on the link below.  For specific details and a nutritional analysis please get in touch with a member of the Cheshire Fitness team via the details on this website.

Paleo (or Low-Carb) Diet

Following-on from the detox, or just for effective body-fat loss, we recommend the Paleo Diet.  This is a very simple nutrition plan, which has links to Atkins and the Dukan Diet.  It is based on empirical science, which states that by cutting carbohydrate down to about 25g-per-day, the equivalent of an apple or a slice of toast for example, but without restriction on your protein or fat intake that your body will no longer have easily assessable sugars available to use as energy and will, instead, be forced to burn your fat stores for this energy instead.  This, clearly, works best in conjunction with an exercise plan that, evidently, makes your body need to burn calories.  If you’ve been enjoying the ease of using a protein shake as a meal supplement on the detox plan then there’s no need to change, a single shake-per-day will add up to your daily intake of carbohydrate.

pork-liver-vegFollowing this nutritional plan also means you can’t just pop a frozen meal into the microwave, bread in the toaster or snack on a chocolate bar; it’s about learning what foods work for you and getting rid of your sugar dependency, which is the main reason your body is hoarding fat.  Instead, it’s about consistency, only breaking this low-carbohydrate diet once a week to soften the blow of cutting those easy digested sugars and allowing your sugar starved brain an anchor-point to hold onto.

Very simply, carbohydrate increases your body’s release of insulin, which, in turn, allows your body to store fat.  By limiting your body’s release of insulin you limit your chances of storing fat and, therefore, dropping body-fat.  Job done.

The 5:2 (Fasting) Diet

Though a Low-Carb Diet can be continued indefinitely, it might not appeal to you and, therefore, there is one other way we at Cheshire Fitness believe you can lose body-fat without cutting out your carbohydrate dependency.  However, it should be pointed out that results will be slower for those of you who continue to eat simple sugars.

If you have a young family, for example, and you are following the Paleo Diet then you may find yourself cooking different meals and, though the Paleo Diet is perfectly healthy for everyone, it is not always easy pleasing everyone whilst on it.

Therefore, in an attempt to sway to your individual needs and still give you a great chance at staying healthy we endorse the 5:2 Diet.  Basically, you eat as healthily as you can for five days in the week without specifically restricting calories or carbohydrates.  However, the other two days, as an absolute necessity, must not exceed 500kCal, for women, or 600kCal for men.  As daunting as eating like this might seem, it is just for two days.  You do not have to have them back-to-back but, rather, place them on two days that are most convenient to you.  You can do consecutive days if that fits best but the research does not suggest better results with the days one-after-another than when placed apart.


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