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Scott Pratt

Personal Trainer

I am a very enthusiastic and passionate personal trainer, dedicated to helping you change your life for the better and reach your goals whatever they may be.

Weather its Fat loss, Muscle toning, Bodybuilding, functional fitness, promoting lean body mass or sports specific conditioning Scott can help.

I am an extremely positive and enthusiastic person when it comes to health and fitness, I know first-hand that hard work in the gym teaches you values which can be used outside the gym.

I spend most of my spare time at the gym and cycling. I enjoy assisting my family and friends in keeping fit and healthy by helping them with exercise and eating healthy, I enjoy socialising with my peers and also have a keen interest in sprint Triathlons and many other sports.

In my 31st year I feel more alive than ever, still wanting to learn new skills, push myself beyond my limits and face some fears, like skydiving. I love nothing more than helping people get fitter and feel good about themselves, so you too can begin to enjoy a happier longer life.

I have trained people for the last 6 years and having become fully qualified at level3 in 2010 I have continued to get better at getting results. I am very professional but make my sessions fun and exciting as well as challenging, by using advanced training techniques I can help you reach your goals in the shortest time possible. You just have to want it.

If you’re tired of typical gyms and feel your results have slowed or you have hit a plateau give me a call or send an email, I am here to help you. Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest if you are unfit how is that possible? With Personal Training you will help you dig deeper, find the strength you didn’t think you had and become the person you didn’t think you could be. You will look better, feel better, be healthier, live a longer and happier life.

So don’t wait till it’s too late.










Diploma in Advance Personal Training (Premier Training Manchester)

Reps – Level 3 Advanced Personal Training

Reps – Level 2 Gym Instructor

Active IQ NVQ L2 fitness instructing

Active IQ NVQ L2 instructing exercise and fitness

Active IQ NVQ L2 in exercise to music

Active IQ NVQ L3 Personal training

Emergency First Aid at Work

Certificate in Power Club/Clubbell Training

Health and Safety disciplines

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