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Sarah Cullen

Personal Trainer

My name is Sarah and my true passion in life is to help people feel great about themselves from the inside & out.

If you are concerned about your current weight, nutrition, fitness level, flexibility or mobility then I can help you. Having experienced weight gain, weight loss, lack of confidence and injuries, I truly have an understanding of what it takes to get results and I know how amazing it feels when you do achieve your goals.

I offer personalised, energised and completely confidential personal training sessions. I believe exercise should be fun, functional and pain free. I want to push you to your limits and make you see how powerful you really can be.

The fitness industry is changing and its all about training your body for the function of your life, whether it be looking after your kids, playing a sport or even working in an office. Functional exercise can help you not only reach your aesthetic goals but it can also dramatically improve your bodies function for everyday life.

“The only person that can stop you achieving your goals is yourself” – But I can help you stay focused, motivated and inspired.


Currently studying a diploma in functional performance with Faster health & fitness,  Level 3 LOA Ante and Post Natal,  OLF Advanced Kettle bell,  Serious fitness FIGHT IT (boxing),  TRX suspension with Escape fitness,  AFT with Faster health & fitness,  Level 3 personal trainer with Faster health & fitness,  Level 2 gym instructor with Faster health & fitness and OCR exercise to music & Bokwa fitness trained.

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