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Richard Ashworth

Personal Trainer

Rick has been involved with sport for over 30 years, competing to a county level in both cross-country and hockey but now as an Ironman triathlete and ultra-runner. 

He prides himself on his depth of knowledge and bringing the best value possible to his clients, which is why he has completed MSc Sports Science, studied as a corrective exercise specialist and is a certified British Triathlon coach.

However, he appreciates that you cannot rest on your laurels, especially in the relatively new field of health and nutrition, where new diets and practices are constantly evolving.  This thirst for exercise and nutritional knowledge is inspired, in part, from his own personal circumstances.  Diagnosed as a type-1 diabetic in 2004, he has managed to maintain his blood sugar at ‘normal’ levels and avoid the onset of complications such as blindness and nerve-damage.

He faced-down this challenge to his health by pushing harder through a continuous programme of exercise, which has seen him progress from 10k running (with a 36-min PB) to ultra-endurance races.

However, this is his passion and he appreciates that it probably isn’t yours and his commitment to his clients is unwavering in finding a strategy that sees them look and feel their absolute best, whether that means helping them lose-weight, maintain health or compete in professional sport.

With education at his heart, he is most passionate about empowering people to avoid the ravages of disease and ill health that often accompany a sedentary lifestyle and obesity, well aware of the hard work that staying healthy can mean to so many people.

Please feel free to contact him for a no obligation consultation.

For the life you want to live.


REPs 3 Personal Trainer, Advanced Sports Nutrition, NASM Physical Exercise Specialist, MSc Applied Sports Scientist, Psychology BSc (Hons) and British Triathlon Coach

Life Experiences

Age-Group Triathlete, Competed at Sprint level through to Ironman, Marathon and Ultra-runner, completing Hadrian’s Wall 110km run (June 23rd), Cheshire County level cross-country and hockey as a teenager, Worked with professional rugby league player and Diagnosed type-1 diabetic at age 30



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