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Mark Lynch

Senior Personal Trainer

My name is Mark Lynch I am one of Cheshire Fitness’ senior personal trainers.

I’m not one for sitting around and talking about myself: I’m far more interested in getting to know the person inside you, and find out who you want to become. Then working together we’ll smash down any barriers which are preventing you from achieving these goals.  All I require from you is the will power, commitment and drive to make the necessary changes to achieve your goals. That’s not much to ask, is it?

Life is too short to sit back and let it pass you by. Don’t be one of life’s passengers: seize the day.  When you live a healthier, more enjoyable, fulfilled lifestyle, you’ll find that you’ll get the personal rewards that you deserve. I want to be the one who gives you the tools to complete the journey.


FASTER-Advanced functional trainer, FASTER-Diploma in Functional Performance, FASTER-Football Performance Expert, FASTER-Golf Performance Expert, FASTER-Faster Training Expert, Certificate for plyometric training, Certificate for training principles of sport, Certificate In nutrition and hydration for sport, Premier training active IQ level 3 certificate in personal training, Premier training certificate in gym instruction, Preliminary award in training speed, agility and quickness, FA coaching certificate course and BTEC national diploma in sports science/ distinction.

My most memorable life experiences

The birth of my daughter, Ex professional footballer who made his debut for Manchester United in the Champions League back in 2003 and Helping people become who they want to be.







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