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Klara Fialova

Personal Trainer

Klara is the newest member of the Cheshire Fitness team, an avid sports enthusiast with a background in swimming and marathons. Her real focus of training now is geared towards strength and conditioning and performing at her best when she steps in the ring for her White Collar boxing bouts.

In her younger years of long distance events and swimming Klara sometimes struggled with finding the right nutritional balance to compliment her training, so revamped her diet and training to completely change her bodyshape through resistance training.

Having qualified 3 years ago she has challenged herself to become the best personal trainer she can be taking numerous qualifications for diabetes and obesity, pre and post natal, strength and conditioning, hormonal typing, nutrition, and life coaching. Lastly she is finally studying for a degree in Sports Psychology and Strength and Conditioning.
She is a great personal trainer, enthusiastic, outgoing, funny and will put her all into helping you achieve your fitness goals!

Ladies be sure to watch out for her very popular boxing class every Wednesday 7.30pn and Sunday 3.30pm.

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