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Jason Pena

Personal Trainer

Jason Pena is a young, knowledgeable and humble personal trainer. Jason has always been a sportsman, and from a very young age played cricket, rugby and football. He finally chose football as a career.

Known for his leadership skills and willingness to learn and succeed, Jason has excelled in every sport he’s taken part in. He started his career at the age of 10 as a young footballer in his home country, South Africa.  As his career progressed and his ambitions grew, he knew he would have to leave the country of his birth if he wanted to achieve his dream. He left South Africa at the age of 16 with nothing more than a bag and a hunger to succeed.

Jason’s career has taken him all over Europe to every major footballing nation. He played for Benfica and Apoel Tel Aviv before coming to the UK where he played for Cardiff and Blackpool. Sadly his career was blighted by injury, but even when he was in the physio’s room, Jason showed that same sense of hunger and a desire to learn.  He learned not only about the correct practices for recovering from injuries and also discovered just how incredible the human body was, and how it’s possible to manipulate and alter every single muscle, bone structure, and movement to aid performance.

It was this hunger to learn and adapt that prompted Jason to join the fitness industry. Today Jason is a highly qualified personal trainer and uses all his knowledge from past experiences to help others. He still is hungry to learn as ever, and his attention to detail is second to none.

Jason works with clients who have both short and long term goals, whether that’s simply weight loss, or a total body transformation. His skillset is broad and varied. His philosophy on life is simple:

”If you want it, I will be there to make sure you get it.  Even when you think you can’t, I’ll be there to ensure you do’”

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