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Cameron Glover

Personal Trainer

Hello, my name is Cameron and I am personal trainer based at the hive gym in Cheadle. I started personal training because training and helping others achieve their ultimate goal is my passion. My sporting background is football as I have played at a good standard just below semi-professional, but I really started getting into the gym and training intensely 3 years ago and have not stopped since. I transformed my body and now its time I helped you transformed yours.

If you want good solid results then it takes dedication, hard work and perseverance, you wont get anywhere by doing the bare minimum you have to go out there and take it and work hard for what you want. Just imagine where you want to be and what your goals are and don’t let doubts or excuses get in the way, you can do anything you put your mind to.

The basis of how I believe training is is simple, hard work pays off. If you want effective training that is specifically designed for you then get in touch and let’s train. No doubt you will sweat, you will feel that burn but trust me It is all necessary, will power and the do not quit attitude is what it takes to realise your true goals and potential, and I will do my upmost to help you achieve and hold on to that body you’ve always wanted.

My real belief is that anybody can transform themselves, it doesn’t matter what circumstances they are in, trust me I have done it and there is no doubt you can do it to. I will bring new fresh ideas that you have never seen before, Get in touch and contact me today and let’s achieve something great. Remember stay motivated, stay hungry!

Level 3 personal trainer
Level 2 gym instructor
Certified kettle bell instructor
Qualified circuit trainer

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