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Just over 2 months ago I saw the opportunity to do something about my weight, my diet had become terrible and my waist line ever expanding!!! In my younger years I had never had any weight problems but over the last couple of years I had began piles on the pounds. The closest I had come to a fitness plan was paying for a gym membership I never used so I was struggling to find the motivation to get started of my own back.

The online program has been perfect for me, providing me with the ability to exercise anytime, anywhere (no gym equipment required) and also the diet plan to really start shifting the fat. The group has also allowed me to ask any questions I have had and also share success stories and banter with the other members of the group. Diet wise I went for the supplement option and was amazed how much I enjoy the shakes and how they keep me feeling full in-between meals.

Since joining up I have lost 18kg, my fitness has massively improved and most importantly my motivation to look after my body, think about what I eat and continue to push myself harder. Hard work and focus is required but if you commit to the program the results are fantastic I have never felt better and the program has been truly life changing for me.

              Before                                                After

Back_StartMatthew Back2











Front startMatthew Front2











Side_StartMatthew Side

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