Kieran’s Snapshot

Its always nice to see your clients hit their goals, a great reward for all their hard work and effort both in the gym and even more away from it with all the distraction and temptations that lurk around every corner!

So this week saw the graduation of one of my very good clients Kieran, aged 52. Kieran has been completely dedicated to the cause for the past 4 months, wanting to get in shape for his wedding this August. He has thrown himself into everything I have asked him both fitness and diet wise and he has reaped the rewards. After all what bigger incentive can you have to get fit than looking good on your wedding photos!

Stripping back his diet to high protein, high veg and low carb intake it has really helped him to shift that excess weight around his abdomen, cutting out those all too familiar poor snacks and replacing them with healthy far more nutritious whole foods.

Kieran has dropped from 103.4kg to 91.5kg in the past 4 months losing a massive 13cm from his waist line and dropping 7% in body fat.

I would like to say how much I have enjoyed working with Kieran, seeing him change while he has been working with me has been extremely rewarding, as our clients goals, are our priority!

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