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January 1st, 2013. Wake up, sore head, go to bathroom, look in mirror. I look a mess, feel worse, weigh myself, 16 stone 7lbs (104.8 kilos). That’s six stone more than I weighed when I left university 30 years ago. It’s not middle age spread any more, it’s a time bomb in danger of going off unless I do something about it. To make matters worse, I am getting married in the summer, and there is no way I want to resemble Jabba The Hut from Star Wars on my big day.

I have always been a bit cynical about the concept of personal trainers, believing they are for people who are already fit and healthy, and suspect that if I contacted one they would fall about laughing if they saw my pathetic attempts to exercise. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I decide to give it dip my toe into the waters of taking some professional advice, and am put in touch with Mark.

Mark is totally professional, talks to me about my current exercise (walking the dog, which is a problem, as the dog like to run, and that’s about it) and diet (a mess, whilst I don’t drink alcohol, tea or coffee, an addiction to chocolate and love of carbs, (pasta, rice, bread and spuds are regular guests on my dinner plate) mean that I am storing up blubber. He gives tips, ideas, inspiration, and I try to take it on board.

Then comes the first session, I’m sticking out of my gym shirt, no muscle definition, and within five minutes am as red as a beetroot, and this is just the warm up. Mark has every right to just go through the motions and dismiss me as a lost cause, but he doesn’t. He’s encouraging, cajoling, monitoring and supporting me all the way through, at the send of the session I feel like death, but sign up for a programme.

Two months later I’m feeling a lot better, I can run for the train, and more importantly, chase the dog. Mark has been brilliant, every single session is varied, different muscle groups are targeted, his infectious enthusiasm means that I’m attending the gym regularly, thinking about what I eat, looking forward to weighing myself. The carbs are banished to once a week, still eating chocolate, but no one is perfect!

I sign up for another programme, Mark asks how far do I want to push myself, and I say go for it, so he does. Treadmill, rowing, cycling, weight, the dreaded Viper and TRX, all are used with Mark’s imagination, setting up mini routines, working muscle groups, forcing me to new limits.

August 18th 2013, I’m getting married, it’s the big day. I have had to had my suit taken in twice, I weigh 14 stone 5 pounds (91.4 kilos) have lost 10 cm around my waist, reduced my fat percentage by a third, and it’s all down to Mark. He’s transformed my shape, and my life, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

If you want someone to make a difference to your shape, your health, your energy levels and your enthusiasm for exercise, then you could not find a better person than Mark.

Before                                     After

Kieran Maguire backback 3











Kieran Maguire frontfront 3











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