Karen Ingledew Testimonial & Photos

Before working with Mark I was a fan of the cross trainer (at a plodding pace) and a few of the gym weight machines but I really just went along to feel less guilty about paying the gym direct debit each month. I certainly didn’t enjoy going and it was always a chore. In July 2012 I took the decision to start to work with Mark ahead of my wedding, to look as good as possible in that all important dress! 

I remember the first conversation where we discussed my diet and exercise, that at the time I didn’t think was all that bad – apparently diet coke for breakfast and skipping meals wasn’t good though and he promised that if I put the effort in at my side, he would do the same and I would see great results and quickly…..

That was the start of a massive change for me.

To start with, giving up the diet coke breakfast wasn’t easy…….! But within days (not weeks) I saw a massive difference in my energy levels, my appearance – amazing results and fast and I was even sleeping better.

As for the exercise sessions I can honestly say that I was sceptical about free weights and I certainly never expected to actually enjoy the sessions. But the results were amazing, the sessions flew by and I actually was enjoying myself – not something I thought I would ever say about exercise. Mark is always encouraging and I think uniquely for a trainer he knows exactly how hard to push me without overdoing it or letting me slack! I feel lucky to be working with him – he puts massive effort into planning the sessions and no two are ever the same, so no time to get bored or stuck in a rut….

Over one year later, wedding dress dream accomplished and I am still following the eating plan and working with Mark – it is now just a way of life, I’ll definitely keep it up and I still love it! I have never looked or felt better and I can honestly say that I enjoy exercise – amazing!


Karen Ingledew backKaren Ingledew back 5











Karen Ingledew frontKaren Ingledew front 5











Karen Ingledew side(1)Karen Ingledew side 5

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