Cellulite Busters

Cellulite Busters

How many women out there are constantly troubled by the appearance of cellulite and the orange peel effect that you often see in the upper thigh area?

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Change the Way You Train

Change the Way You Train

Often working out can often become boring and monotonous doing the same old exercises day in day out and not getting the results that you really want. At Cheshire fitness we like to keep our clients entertained, interested and make fitness fun! read more >>

Eat Healthy For A Better Body

There is no better feeling than looking and feeling great about yourself. Working hard in the gym certainly pays off for those that are dedicated enough to train at a high enough intensity which gets great results. However our workouts aren’t the main component of looking and feeling amazing. Take a second to think what you put in your mouth, how you fuel your body and if you are giving your body the chance to be at its best all the time!

Here are 4 dietary rules to keep you on track with your nutrition! read more >>


Have a go at this, get yourself into the plank position and perform these 4 exercises back to back for as long as you can… read more >>

Lisa Bradley Tesimonial

I’ve always had a love of fitness but never had a personal trainer before, until I got given an 8 week Personal Trainer gift for Cheshire Fitness. Mark ensured I achieved my goal within those 8 weeks. 6 months on I am still training with Mark and love every session, we keep working towards new goals.  My body shape has changed dramatically and I have reached a level of fitness I didn’t know I had! Marks passion, enthusiasm and belief in what he does makes me not give up, even on the days I find hard. If you have a goal and have the commitment Mark will make it happen.  read more >>

Karen Ingledew Testimonial & Photos

Before working with Mark I was a fan of the cross trainer (at a plodding pace) and a few of the gym weight machines but I really just went along to feel less guilty about paying the gym direct debit each month. I certainly didn’t enjoy going and it was always a chore. In July 2012 I took the decision to start to work with Mark ahead of my wedding, to look as good as possible in that all important dress!  read more >>

Kieran Maguire Testimonial & Photos

January 1st, 2013. Wake up, sore head, go to bathroom, look in mirror. I look a mess, feel worse, weigh myself, 16 stone 7lbs (104.8 kilos). That’s six stone more than I weighed when I left university 30 years ago. It’s not middle age spread any more, it’s a time bomb in danger of going off unless I do something about it. To make matters worse, I am getting married in the summer, and there is no way I want to resemble Jabba The Hut from Star Wars on my big day. read more >>

Matthew Hill Testimonial & Photos

Just over 2 months ago I saw the opportunity to do something about my weight, my diet had become terrible and my waist line ever expanding!!! In my younger years I had never had any weight problems but over the last couple of years I had began piles on the pounds. The closest I had come to a fitness plan was paying for a gym membership I never used so I was struggling to find the motivation to get started of my own back. read more >>

Kieran’s Snapshot

Its always nice to see your clients hit their goals, a great reward for all their hard work and effort both in the gym and even more away from it with all the distraction and temptations that lurk around every corner! read more >>

A Quick Fitness Challenge

Add to your workout this week a quick fitness challenge. How many press ups and squat thrusts can you complete in one continuous circuit, without dropping your knees to the floor or resting for more than 5 seconds?

For every press up you complete you get two points and for every squat thrust 1 point. You can alternate between each exercise as many times as you want. When you finally collapse in a lactic acid fuelled heap, stop the clock, see how long you lasted and add up your point total.

If you would like to video your attempts and send them into mark@cheshirefitness I can add your time and score to a leader-board to see who is the press up and squat thrust champion!

Good luck and enjoy the burn, I look forward to building up a leader-board!

See if you can beat my client, Nick. He totalled 52 press ups and 27 squat thrusts before he finally buckled giving him a total of 131 points and a time of 1.15. Here is his video



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