Have you had your ‘fat burning‘, energising tea yet today? This is absolutely my FAVOURITE product. ‘The more you drink, the more you shrink!’. A great way to start your day: loads of energy, ready to take on anything….well, almost anything!! read more >>

……..drum roll please…..the Great Spring Detox results are in!!!

Ok, so you might remember the Great Spring Belly Buster Detox I was raving about not so long back. Well, the results are out…… read more >>

Understanding your body and your hormonal system

Blood sugar balance – The key to energy, vitality, and a lean body!


Having boundless, unlimited energy (as well as a lean body, happy mood and balanced hormones) has so much to do with BLOOD SUGAR BALANCE. read more >>

Controlling Stress Levels and Get A Good Night’s Sleep!

As a fat loss specialist, the biggest and hardest message I try to get across to my clients is that they need to control their stress levels and increase their rest time in order for successful fat loss. read more >>

The Great Spring Detox, Inside & Out!

  • Sick of feeling tired & sluggish?
  • Have you hit a post-Winter weight-loss plateau?
  • Is the morning after the night before hitting you harder than ever?
  • Developing respiratory or skin problems you’ve not had before? read more >>

Sugar hangover anyone?

Last night we headed to the cinema and as it was Friday night I decided to have some chocolate covered honeycomb pieces as a treat as I’ve been good all week! Adding them into the paper pic n mix bag I thought a couple more wouldn’t hurt so loaded them in! I woke this morning remembering why I try to avoid sugars!

read more >>

Sweet Killer

I found this article about artificial sweeteners over the weekend & I STRONGLY recommend you read it, especially if you buy ‘diet, or ‘low fat / low sugar’ products for weight loss.
The power of these chemicals extraordinarily dangerous to our health! read more >>

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