Want Abs don’t waste your time!

Get the best looking abs by training exercises that integrate all the key muscle groups of the trunk or “core”.

Don’t waste time on isolation ab exercises or a 15 min ab workout that you see on TV or in the gym. a good tip if someone tells you they got there abs in 15 min workouts they lying!

Research revealed two key points about abdominal training:

A) Core strength is necessary to prevent injury in athletes,improve mobility in the general public and optimize functional performance in everyone.

B) The best way to build a stronger back and tighter abs is with compound movements such as Squats, Deadlifts,Chin ups,Lunges and Olympic lifts.


If you looking for great abs,do big compound exercise i.e squats dead lifts ,chin ups,lunges and Olympic lifts. not only will you develop greater abs but you will see whole body improvements,and a great way to get ready for that beach body.

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