Stress our friend and enemy!

Stress comes in many shapes and forms and has a major effect on our bodies.

When we are stressed whether its work related or emotional stress, cortisol levels in our bodies become elevated. You can look at cortisol as a low grade adrenalin, this causes less damage in the body.

Cortisol can have a positive effect (our friend) or negative effect (our enemy) on our bodies.


Our bodies use cortisol as energy.

When we go for a training session cortisol levels are elevated this gives us the energy we need for our training so it’s a positive thing in this case.


When cortisol is used for too long it has many negative effects on the body, from breaking down of muscle tissue to fat storage ( predominantly in the trunk area).

Stress is part of our daily lives in modern society more so than ever before. Many people look for it and use it as a stimulant to get through the day which makes sense as cortisol can be used for energy.

What this means is that a high percentage of the population are deficient in important vitamins which have an effect on our bodies for example lower immune systems and a higher risk of diabetes to low levels of testosterone (more to do with vitamin b5 as its one of the stepping stones to producing testosterone) something you wouldn’t think would be affected by stress.

Stress can come from many sources, some pretty obvious others might surprise you.

Here are a few:

  • Wireless
  • Pollution
  • Emotional stress
  • Work stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Physical (
  • Dirty electricity ( from computers,mobile phones etc)

Although some of these we don’t have control over I.e the taxi driver who ignores all road codes and cuts you off every chance they get! We do have control over how we respond to it.

What’s essential is making sure we are more aware of what stress does and ensuring we have the right nutrients in our bodies to have control on our stress responses for example:

-Ensuring that we have optimal levels of magnesium in our bodies, this will help to lower our response to stress – Taking sufficient amounts of fish oil (depending on your body fat percentage) will bring down inflammation another stressor on the body.

So next time a person cuts you off on the motorway or says something about you that doesn’t make you happy, think about it and think, is it really worth stressing about?

The norms for these two nutrients can be looked up in previous blogs, or contact your trainer.

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