Maximise your Training!

Often people will start a new training routine and/or exercises and see great results and benefits from these changes which is great as it gives your body a new stimulus to adapt to hence the results you see from changing to a new program.

All this is great and it is what we look to do a personal trainers to continue to progress and get results before our clients hit a plateau so this is where we get all geeky and changing things like tempo, rep ranges, weights etc.

However the common mistake I see is members continuing to do the same routine day in day out for months on end by this time the body has well and truly hit it’s plateau, meaning that your body is not under enough stimulus to adapt- this is when results stop! images

What then occurs people start to do more of the same routine or add time onto their high intense training sessions, as they try to get the same results that they initially experienced when starting the new program.

This is where the problem occurs due to the overuse of these exercises the joints and muscles start to take a toll leading to strained muscles, aching joints and high cortisol levels(which is suicide for recovery and getting adequate sleep).

So if you find that you are starting to experience pains that previously weren’t there or recovery seems to take longer than usual you may well want to take a step back look at how long you have been doing the same routine for and change things up because the reason you are in pain is just the bodies way of telling you to stop what it is you are doing and change things up!

Most of the time the answer is so simple providing you see the signs and listen to the body.

Don’t be a fool and waste your time and effort at something that is not going to benefit you rather ask for some advice from someone experienced or mix things up and try something new after all it is YOUR time that you are either using to your ADVANTAGE or just simply WASTING IT!

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