Ladies don’t be afraid to gain a little bit of muscle, To get that bikini body!

The quickest way to loose body fat is to put a few pounds of muscle on, I know straight away the majority of the female population will say “but I don’t want big arms or thighs”, the fact is that for a lady to pick up that amount of muscle, that she actually looks like a bloke is very hard due to the small amounts of testosterone in the female body. For proof of this have a look at an interview we put up on the Facebook page with Clare. Clare lifts heavy weights(when I say heavy I mean heavy) at least 3 times a week and still has a perfect lady like figure proving the point.

The benefits are clear and will impact your life in many positive ways from healthier bones and lifestyle, to better support for your joints enabling you to live with less worry about joint pains and more freedom to do the things you want to outside of the gym, also not to mention the more muscle you put on the more you become a fat burning machine!

Sound good?

Let’s start burning that fat and getting that beach body ready.

Iv attached some pictures of a few clients showing some of the best exercises to illicit some big changes in your metabolism and body shape.

My clients lift weights on a regular basis no matter the age or experience in the gym(safely of course), proof that putting on a few pounds of muscle will help your body compositin dramatically, the smiles say it all.

For more advice or info get in touch.

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