Green tea and alcohol

Finding it hard to cut alcohol out of your diet,her is a tip to help you keep getting those results!

Fact: once alcohol enters the body all processes are put on hold I.e fat burning ,muscle building( protein synthesis) etc only once the alcohol is metabolized will you start these processes up again.

Tip: green tea has high quality antioxidant contents called catechins these help to metabolize the alcohol quicker and lower inflammation in the liver.

So if you know youl be having alcohol be sure to drink a good quality green tea before your night out and after too. 

This is a easy and cost effective way of ensuring a quick recovery , how much should you drink well that depends on how much you remember from the night before,if you don’t have much of an idea than your consumption of green tea should be higher!


Mike And Zoe enjoying a “tasty” cup of green tea.

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