Ecstasy the “EUPHORIA” and the “COME DOWN”

What you don’t expect a blog to be about, I recently went to Ibiza for a short break as me and my partner do love a good boogie.

What was evident was the amount of drugs on offer, this is normal and will continue to be for years to come and it’s not my place to pass judgement, although seeing so many happy people is actually quite pleasurable.

So I thought Id write about it and give you some insight as to why you feel the ecstasy (excuse the pun)that comes with it as well as the come downs!

So here we go:

Ecstasy acts on the brains neurotransmitters specifically serotonin and dopamine- now before I go into what actually happens In the brain lets first go into what these neurotransmitters functions and importance are in the brain (very briefly as to not bore you-bare with me):

Is responsible for maintaining mood balance.
High amounts of serotonin can uplift you and make you feel cheerfulness and happiness.

Is responsible for motivation, reward and pleasure.
This is an important neurotransmitter for drive and initiating tasks and completing them.

Now back to “Ecstasy”, ecstasy is a drug that acts on both of these neurotransmitters in the brain and 1

It stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin, producing a high that lasts and varies from person to person. These emotions can include high amounts of energy and high self confidence amongst others.

Because it acts on these 2 neurotransmitters and sends messages to the brain to release them, it has dramatic energising effects as well as enhanced pleasure and calmness which surrounds you.

Appealing OF COURSE!… It’s not hard to see why people turn to these at parties and social events, who wouldn’t want to have these enhanced feelings after all we are all human?

But first we need to see the other end of the spectrum.

The dreaded “Come Down”

Because with such high amounts of dopamine and serotonin released there is inevitably and sudden drop in these neurotransmitters, which as you guessed gives you that sudden “come down”, this can vary from person to person, sometimes days other times weeks.

The problem therefore arises as to restoring these levels in the brain, it has been shown that taking this drug blocks the re uptake of serotonin.

Serotonin cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, therefore, serotonin that is used inside the brain must be produced within 2

Here in lies the problem the drug depletes serotonin in the brain and damages the cells that produce them, even though behaviour goes back to normal in the days to come, after of course those common “come down” symptoms that many people experience depression, anxiety, paranoia and insecurity amongst others.

So there it is my first blog about Ecstasy, not something I planned but I’m hoping you guys would find it as fascinating as I did once I looked into it.

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