1 Pack or 6 Pack?

If the phrase beer-belly makes you look down and groan then you’re not alone. It’s a fact that as we get older, it becomes harder to maintain the muscle mass we had as younger adults and, without taking steps to prevent it, the result of this will be a drop in our metabolism and we will succumb to what is often seen as inevitable middle-age spread. We can’t do anything about our age but we can do something about the way we age. With commitment to regular exercise and improvements to our diet we can burn fat and banish that beer-belly for good.

A beer-belly is not founded simply on too many nights in the pub, however, it’s worth noting that, a single pint of beer is between 250-400 calories; so drinking just five-pints on a night-out means having our entire calorie consumption for that day in beer alone! What’s worse is that we can’t simply exercise those empty calories away because alcohol reduces our body’s ability to burn body-fat for energy, sending metabolism plummeting and switching our system to being carb dependant; this turns us away from being fat-burners and into fat-hoarders! Finally, it drops testosterone production, which means our gym workouts are less effective too!Unknown

As men we are prone to put extra fat on around our waist but it is this fat that is particularly dangerous to us as it is a proven indicator of type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

If you’re waist measurement is over 40” you need to take immediate action with exercise, or even better personal training!

Modern lifestyles have a lot to answer for: an increased reliance on processed foods, eating-out is cheaper, so we do it more often, and; we simply don’t think enough about what were putting in our mouths. Take a moment to think about what you’ve eaten over the last few days, if you don’t know how much sugar or fat were in your food then you probably agreed with the article’s opening statement. You don’t have to sit there and shrug like it’s a lost cause, you can do something about it right now and adopt these easy steps: eat regular meals and never skip breakfast, base your meals on proteins and fill-up on vegetables and, most importantly, cut down on carbohydrates, with absolutely no simple sugars.

Most fat in the body is due to the conversion of excess sugars

So, though it becomes harder to keep muscle it doesn’t mean we have to settle for that! If you train in the right way, you can banish belly fat for good but not by doing hundreds-and-hundreds of sit-ups a day; you need to melt that excess fat away by following a progressive resistance program, forcing muscles to build and grow. This increase in muscle mass will turbo-charge your metabolism and turn you back into a fat-burner, revealing the lean muscle-tone that’s been hiding. To maximise results, combine this with interval training and a tailored nutrition plan and you’ll definitely see results.

It’s all about body-fat percentage with a lower percentage being better for your body’s ability to burn fat away. You can only achieve this through resistance training and you won’t increase your muscle mass by doing exercises your body can already cope with, you have to push them to adapt with new and varied weights training.

With commitment there is no doubt that you will reach your goals and look better than you can probably even image. There are no excuses to you having better health and fitness for the rest of your life other than your motivation to begin. At Cheshire Fitness we want to help you change your life for the better but in return we ask for 100% dedication, we don’t offer fad-diets or untested ideas, we simply offer results through personal training. However, we don’t just train anyone, if you’re not absolutely ready to embrace a lifestyle change then we suggest saving your hard-earned money until such a time when you feel ready to start.

At Cheshire Fitness we keep clients because they know by doing what we tell them will bring them what they want. If you feel ready to take on the challenge then call 07979544555 and find out more!

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