Maximise your Training!

Often people will start a new training routine and/or exercises and see great results and benefits from these changes which is great as it gives your body a new stimulus to adapt to hence the results you see from changing to a new program.

All this is great and it is what we look to do a personal trainers to continue to progress and get results before our clients hit a plateau so this is where we get all geeky and changing things like tempo, rep ranges, weights etc.

However the common mistake I see is members continuing to do the same routine day in day out for months on end by this time the body has well and truly hit it’s plateau, meaning that your body is not under enough stimulus to adapt- this is when results stop! images

What then occurs people start to do more of the same routine or add time onto their high intense training sessions, as they try to get the same results that they initially experienced when starting the new program.

This is where the problem occurs due to the overuse of these exercises the joints and muscles start to take a toll leading to strained muscles, aching joints and high cortisol levels(which is suicide for recovery and getting adequate sleep).

So if you find that you are starting to experience pains that previously weren’t there or recovery seems to take longer than usual you may well want to take a step back look at how long you have been doing the same routine for and change things up because the reason you are in pain is just the bodies way of telling you to stop what it is you are doing and change things up!

Most of the time the answer is so simple providing you see the signs and listen to the body.

Don’t be a fool and waste your time and effort at something that is not going to benefit you rather ask for some advice from someone experienced or mix things up and try something new after all it is YOUR time that you are either using to your ADVANTAGE or just simply WASTING IT!

Are your vegetables the reason your not able to loose weight?


Yes this is possible and very true.

How you may ask, well let’s find out.

Your body responds to food in various ways by braking it down into tiny little pieces during the process of digestion then sending the specific nutrients of that food to certain areas of the body for example; amino acids (better known as protein) are sent to the liver for detoxification or to damaged cells to repair and restore.

The body does this smoothly and efficiently (providing the digestion is working, but that’s a whole new topic)

So how can your vegetables be the cause to you not being able to loose weight?


Many people do not eat a varied diet, it’s been shown in modern society that people only rotate between 15-30 foods, that’s the top end of the scale. By not rotating your food you start to use less of the great nutrients that these foods have to offer and as the body starts to get “lazy” due to the same foods coming in all the time this can lead to food sensitivities (allergy is a bit more severe).

How food that we are sensitive to reacts in the body?

Our immune systems identifies good and bad, when it identifies a bad I.e. A virus or bacteria our immune systems first line of defence kicks in and will attacks these viruses and bacteria.

However, if the immune system decides that a food is dangerous and should be destroyed, the result is the release of “mediators” which cause inflammation and pain. This is how food sensitivities develop.

When these mediators are released they cause pain and inflammation in the body, the side effects can vary from joint pain to acne (a detailed list below).

Here are some common symptoms of food sensitivities:

-sleepiness after eating
-mental fog
-eczema & other skin disorders
-weight problems
-sinus issues
-muscle pain
-gas & bloating
-acid reflux
-mouth sores
-food cravings
-high blood pressure

Keeping a food diary is a very good start as it can give you some sort of idea as to what foods might be causing these side effects, this is something I always get my clients to do.

There is however a problem with a food diary, as the onset of the symptoms may be up to 3 days after ingestion of the offending food.

This can be quite a challenge when dealing with a client with many food sensitives due to poor food quality and rotation over many months.

So what’s next?

My favourite and best tool when dealing with any weight loss client or athlete is the “MRT” blood test.

This is by far the best test when dealing with food sensitivities as it checks your immune systems response to 150 foods and chemicals.

Once we have the results of the blood test I create an individualized healthy eating plan which eliminates any of the foods that were causing pain or inflammation and we start a broad spectrum varied diet.

Once we start to reduce inflammation via cutting out the “problem foods” weight starts to drop off and in the case of athletes performances notably increases.

Another benefit of cutting out these “sensitive” foods for a few months is that what tends to happen is that these foods will then be able to be re-introduced without any negative side effects. So if you’ve had to cut out some of your favourite foods for a while fear not as you will probably be able to eat them again.

So my takeaways for this article would be if you having any of the symptoms above or having trouble loosing weight I would recommend having a look at your diet and maybe have a mix about with foods and change things around, if you find that to be to complicated then get yourself tested(via blood) and see what results come up, you might be very surprised.

Just to give you an idea of some of the foods that have come up with different clients:

-Black Pepper


Jason Pena

Ecstasy the “EUPHORIA” and the “COME DOWN”

What you don’t expect a blog to be about, I recently went to Ibiza for a short break as me and my partner do love a good boogie.

What was evident was the amount of drugs on offer, this is normal and will continue to be for years to come and it’s not my place to pass judgement, although seeing so many happy people is actually quite pleasurable.

So I thought Id write about it and give you some insight as to why you feel the ecstasy (excuse the pun)that comes with it as well as the come downs!

So here we go:

Ecstasy acts on the brains neurotransmitters specifically serotonin and dopamine- now before I go into what actually happens In the brain lets first go into what these neurotransmitters functions and importance are in the brain (very briefly as to not bore you-bare with me):

Is responsible for maintaining mood balance.
High amounts of serotonin can uplift you and make you feel cheerfulness and happiness.

Is responsible for motivation, reward and pleasure.
This is an important neurotransmitter for drive and initiating tasks and completing them.

Now back to “Ecstasy”, ecstasy is a drug that acts on both of these neurotransmitters in the brain and 1

It stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin, producing a high that lasts and varies from person to person. These emotions can include high amounts of energy and high self confidence amongst others.

Because it acts on these 2 neurotransmitters and sends messages to the brain to release them, it has dramatic energising effects as well as enhanced pleasure and calmness which surrounds you.

Appealing OF COURSE!… It’s not hard to see why people turn to these at parties and social events, who wouldn’t want to have these enhanced feelings after all we are all human?

But first we need to see the other end of the spectrum.

The dreaded “Come Down”

Because with such high amounts of dopamine and serotonin released there is inevitably and sudden drop in these neurotransmitters, which as you guessed gives you that sudden “come down”, this can vary from person to person, sometimes days other times weeks.

The problem therefore arises as to restoring these levels in the brain, it has been shown that taking this drug blocks the re uptake of serotonin.

Serotonin cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, therefore, serotonin that is used inside the brain must be produced within 2

Here in lies the problem the drug depletes serotonin in the brain and damages the cells that produce them, even though behaviour goes back to normal in the days to come, after of course those common “come down” symptoms that many people experience depression, anxiety, paranoia and insecurity amongst others.

So there it is my first blog about Ecstasy, not something I planned but I’m hoping you guys would find it as fascinating as I did once I looked into it.

If you liked what you read please feel free to share.


1 Pack or 6 Pack?

If the phrase beer-belly makes you look down and groan then you’re not alone. It’s a fact that as we get older, it becomes harder to maintain the muscle mass we had as younger adults and, without taking steps to prevent it, the result of this will be a drop in our metabolism and we will succumb to what is often seen as inevitable middle-age spread. We can’t do anything about our age but we can do something about the way we age. With commitment to regular exercise and improvements to our diet we can burn fat and banish that beer-belly for good.

A beer-belly is not founded simply on too many nights in the pub, however, it’s worth noting that, a single pint of beer is between 250-400 calories; so drinking just five-pints on a night-out means having our entire calorie consumption for that day in beer alone! What’s worse is that we can’t simply exercise those empty calories away because alcohol reduces our body’s ability to burn body-fat for energy, sending metabolism plummeting and switching our system to being carb dependant; this turns us away from being fat-burners and into fat-hoarders! Finally, it drops testosterone production, which means our gym workouts are less effective too!Unknown

As men we are prone to put extra fat on around our waist but it is this fat that is particularly dangerous to us as it is a proven indicator of type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

If you’re waist measurement is over 40” you need to take immediate action with exercise, or even better personal training!

Modern lifestyles have a lot to answer for: an increased reliance on processed foods, eating-out is cheaper, so we do it more often, and; we simply don’t think enough about what were putting in our mouths. Take a moment to think about what you’ve eaten over the last few days, if you don’t know how much sugar or fat were in your food then you probably agreed with the article’s opening statement. You don’t have to sit there and shrug like it’s a lost cause, you can do something about it right now and adopt these easy steps: eat regular meals and never skip breakfast, base your meals on proteins and fill-up on vegetables and, most importantly, cut down on carbohydrates, with absolutely no simple sugars.

Most fat in the body is due to the conversion of excess sugars

So, though it becomes harder to keep muscle it doesn’t mean we have to settle for that! If you train in the right way, you can banish belly fat for good but not by doing hundreds-and-hundreds of sit-ups a day; you need to melt that excess fat away by following a progressive resistance program, forcing muscles to build and grow. This increase in muscle mass will turbo-charge your metabolism and turn you back into a fat-burner, revealing the lean muscle-tone that’s been hiding. To maximise results, combine this with interval training and a tailored nutrition plan and you’ll definitely see results.

It’s all about body-fat percentage with a lower percentage being better for your body’s ability to burn fat away. You can only achieve this through resistance training and you won’t increase your muscle mass by doing exercises your body can already cope with, you have to push them to adapt with new and varied weights training.

With commitment there is no doubt that you will reach your goals and look better than you can probably even image. There are no excuses to you having better health and fitness for the rest of your life other than your motivation to begin. At Cheshire Fitness we want to help you change your life for the better but in return we ask for 100% dedication, we don’t offer fad-diets or untested ideas, we simply offer results through personal training. However, we don’t just train anyone, if you’re not absolutely ready to embrace a lifestyle change then we suggest saving your hard-earned money until such a time when you feel ready to start.

At Cheshire Fitness we keep clients because they know by doing what we tell them will bring them what they want. If you feel ready to take on the challenge then call 07979544555 and find out more!

Ladies don’t be afraid to gain a little bit of muscle, To get that bikini body!

The quickest way to loose body fat is to put a few pounds of muscle on, I know straight away the majority of the female population will say “but I don’t want big arms or thighs”, the fact is that for a lady to pick up that amount of muscle, that she actually looks like a bloke is very hard due to the small amounts of testosterone in the female body. For proof of this have a look at an interview we put up on the Facebook page with Clare. Clare lifts heavy weights(when I say heavy I mean heavy) at least 3 times a week and still has a perfect lady like figure proving the point. read more >>

Brilliant exercise to increase leg strength for Ladies.

If you looking for a mix up in routine try the hack squat on the smith machine this is great for the VOM(tear drop muscle on the thigh) this is Rachel showing us how it’s done on 60 kg with a 5 second eccentric (lengthening of the muscle) lowering phase and a exploding concentric phase(shortening of the muscle), make sure you really stick to that tempo you will reap the benfits if you do:) but be warned it does burn!! Ask Rachel! read more >>

Tip of the week! BE A REBEL NOT A SHEEP!

In a world where everyone is looking for the quickest and easiest way to achieve their goals,how does that effect us? If you look at it technology is getting quicker,smarter more efficient every day, where are the days when you got a new mobile phone and enjoyed it for months before a new smarter one came out? We at a point in life where we don’t even need to leave our house to do most things, you can talk and see people on the other side of the world with just a click of a button. read more >>

Green tea and alcohol

Finding it hard to cut alcohol out of your diet,her is a tip to help you keep getting those results! read more >>

Stress our friend and enemy!

Stress comes in many shapes and forms and has a major effect on our bodies.

When we are stressed whether its work related or emotional stress, cortisol levels in our bodies become elevated. You can look at cortisol as a low grade adrenalin, this causes less damage in the body. read more >>

Want Abs don’t waste your time!

Get the best looking abs by training exercises that integrate all the key muscle groups of the trunk or “core”.

Don’t waste time on isolation ab exercises or a 15 min ab workout that you see on TV or in the gym. a good tip if someone tells you they got there abs in 15 min workouts they lying! read more >>

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