As effective as training is at a gym, amongst the machines, free weights and plethora of other equipment, there are a multitude of reasons why it’s not for everyone and, as an elite personal training company, we at Cheshire Fitness feel it would be utterly remise for us not to offer something that can help those with work commitments and family responsibilities or those who feel unsure about stepping into a gym or just want to get that little bit fitter and happier so that they know a gym membership will not be something that only exercises their wallet and strengthens the feeling of guilt that their best intentions were just not enough.

If this is you then it’s important you appreciate that you’re not alone.  The average yearly gym membership is £440 and it is estimated that we waste £37M per year on unused memberships, a bit like Newcastle United’s transfer policy; Cheshire Fitness have a solution, for you, not Newcastle United.

If you’re already signed up then, unfortunately, we can’t help you get your gym fee back but we can make you fitter and healthier without the hassle of finding the time to pack a gym-kit, drive to the gym, exercise, shower and get back home.  How about doing an hour’s training that actually takes an hour, rather than all the added time in preparation?  Training that allows you to use your own shower and doesn’t waste your time sitting in traffic or queuing at the treadmill/waiting for the guy making a mobile phone call whilst hogging the weights you want?

Cheshire Fitness offer an elite training service not only in our quiet, state-of-the-art, gym but in your home too; with a full range of equipment along with the knowledge and skills to make sure every workout is as different and varied as you could hope to find at the gym.

Our guarantee of exceptional results is just as valid in this training environment and it might even help more with your nutritional goals.  This concept is nothing new, since its inception, Cheshire Fitness has always conducted home training and each of our trainers has the specific experience and the qualified results to prove they can get you into great shape in the ‘comfort’ of your own home.  Should it ever come down to it we guarantee we can get you working hard with no weights at all in just a three-foot square floor space!  This is not to say that we are short of equipment, we use old-fashioned dumbbells as much as contemporary equipment such as TRX, Vipr and Slant Boards; don’t worry if you’re not sure what they are just rest assured that your health and fitness will skyrocket through training with Cheshire Fitness, in any environment.

By training away from the gym in a location that suits you we can save you time, petrol, the need for childcare, the anxiety of a missed workout and with the flexibility to take important work or family calls (we’d prefer if you didn’t but we do understand why you are using home training).  So, quite simply, how do you feel about saving time and money, whilst still getting the motivation and workout to leave you looking and feeling great?

We cover Manchester, Cheshire & surrounding areas.  Call us to find out if we can come to you and you can claim your free consultation today!

Cheshire Fitness : For The Life You Want To Live.


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