TRX Suspension Kit.

I know I’ve talked about it before (so please forgive me for repeating myself) but I do believe this piece of kit deserves another mention as it really is one of my all round favourites!

TRX Suspension Kit

US Elite Navy SEALs, who spend the majority of their time on boats, needed a piece of fitness equipment that was extremely light-weight yet could do just about everything including building strength, stamina and endurance! A very simplistic piece of kit, it consists of a set of straps with a clip that can go round the back of a tree, post or whatever else you have available. So instead of lugging weights around, these are the easiest piece of kit that you can put in your bag and take anywhere.

The invention of TRX is pure genius – it has taken off around the world! Women love the sculpting effect on the body, whilst men can build muscle and get the ripped effect! This doesn’t come easy though because of the effort & attention to technique that is required to get the very best out of your workout. It’s always best to have a personal trainer for a few sessions until you get the knack of them. No muscle gets missed with TRX and the heart rate is tested to the max with anaerobic & aerobic effect. How amazing is that?!

The range of exercises that can be done with TRX is huge and far too many to go through here in any detail. However, if we just think about the basics of how it works, you will start off by putting one or both hands, or one or both feet through the loops at the end of the straps, either standing up or kneeling down, facing towards or away from the TRX. For example, standing up facing towards the TRX with hand(s) through the loops and leaning back slightly, you are now in a position to work on single or double leg squats. For those who really want to push themselves, it’s even possible to incorporate the use of a kettle bell into a TRX exercise!

The key benefit of training with TRX is that the straps are not rigid – they move with you. So whilst you are performing your chosen exercise you have to engage your core muscles to keep you steady and control your movements. The flexibility of the bands and variety of possible exercises also means that they can be used by all sizes of people and all fitness levels.

TRX are a personal trainer’s dream. All modern gymnasiums have these, and a gym isn’t a gym without them! Have you tried them yet?

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