Life as a personal trainer

Life as a personal trainer isn’t always as glamorous as you would imagine, in fact my career almost never began. . . read more >>

Top 5 Breakfast Nutrition Tips

1 – Eat Breakfast – studies have shown that eating breakfast will help your body to maintain high energy levels and reduce the risk of obesity.
  read more >>

What is metabolic training?

To answer this, here’s a quick reminder as to what your metabolism is:

In a nutshell, your metabolism is the amount of energy in calories your body uses to perform its day to day activities. These activities can be anything from breathing, through to climbing the stairs or running on a treadmill. read more >>

Top 10 Health and Fitness Tips

Being fit, healthy and exercising regularly can have an extremely positive effect on many areas of your life. From improved productivity at work, to a stronger immune system, to simply feeling happier with yourself and your body. read more >>

what can you expect from a Cheshire Fitness boxing lesson?

As the proud owner of Cheshire Fitness, I look at all avenues of training, and bring together the best methods to get the results YOU want. After many years of boxing and trying out all the leading training methods I always come back to my forte and say it’s the best all-rounder! Therefore I train my team to an advanced level making sure they can teach anyone, of any level, to a good standard quickly. read more >>

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