Kettlebell & TRX

As a fitness trainer and ex-professional sportsman, people often ask me what equipment I recommend.

I have to say that kettlebells are probably my favourite all rounder. Originally used by the Russian military, they’re great for both home training and the gym! You can do a full body workout with just one kettlebell, instead of lugging loads of kit around! A kettlebell can hit every muscle in the body. Not only do they stop everything from going ‘south’, a kettlebell will improve your strength & endurance and work your cardio side as well. Always a favourite piece of equipment with clients at my boot camps, they can be brutal, but with a good trainer and a good plan the workout can be second to none, with amazing results!

Another favourite for me is TRX Suspension Training. I believe it is the best thing on the market for body shaping! I’ve tried and tested all the latest kit and this does an outstanding job for me when it comes to changing your body shape. You can’t get tougher than TRX! Their use originates from the US Elite Navy SEALs. Very light-weight, you can hook TRX up anywhere. They can be used for many things including muscle building, endurance, speed, toning or all round sports conditioning! They find every groove in your body, and have changed everybody’s shape that I have trained. TRX can be a hard piece of kit to use initially because they require attention to technique and full use of the stabilising muscles! Used correctly you will really feel those muscles working. Best used with a personal trainer to begin with.

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