I’ve always been a big believer that diets don’t work and I speak from my own personal experience . . .

As an ex-professional boxer I have had 86 amateur and professional fights. . . meaning I had 86 diets! In fact, if I include cancelled fights too, that adds about another 20, so I have been on over 100 diets.

Yet after the fights I often ended up over a stone heavier in as little as 2 weeks. Speak to any person whose weight is critical in their sport, for example a jockey, and they will tell you a similar story.

Dieting can be boring, miserable, even stressful, and many dieters develop an unhealthy obsession with food, tormenting themselves thinking about what they can’t eat. It’s no wonder that people quickly lose willpower and give up.


But is it as simple as that? No it isn’t.

If it’s true that people just fall back into old eating habits then surely you would expect them to end up back at their pre-diet weight? The fact is a lot of dieters find themselves even heavier than they were in the first place.

Scientific evidence has shown that dieting causes changes to your hormones. These changes mean, among other things, that your appetite increases, you feel hungry and your body fails to judge when you are full. Not only that, but as your calorie intake falls, so too does the rate at which you burn that energy. But the key thing is, these hormonal changes don’t just stop when your diet stops, so before you know it you’re back where you started with your weight (or worse) . . . and you’re on yet another diet . . . Once you’re caught up in the vicious circle of dieting it’s hard to break free.

For long-term weight loss you need to make lifestyle changes. Weight loss should be about healthy eating combined with regular and effective exercise. If you want to talk to us about how you can shed those unwanted pounds and keep them off, get in touch with us today!

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