Boot camps!

Nothing can beat training outdoors in the fresh air. If you’ve often thought about attending a boot camp, but never quite got round to it, what’s holding you back? Think you’re not fit enough, or you’re going to feel left out? Well think again!

At Cheshire Fitness boot camps we welcome & encourage all ages and levels of fitness to attend. Whether you’re out of shape, or simply new to boot camp, there’s no better place to start working towards your goal of increasing your fitness & stamina. The less fit are never left behind as our trainers will always ensure they are paired up appropriately, whilst the fitter attendees are pushed that little bit more to complete more reps. By the end of the session everyone has put in the same effort on a par with their fitness level.

It’s not an hour of being yelled at either! Everyone is pushed to a good level through positive encouragement. Remember, the more effort you put in the greater the benefit. Neither do we resort to simply running round a field doing burpees and press ups for the whole hour. We bring along a range of fitness equipment including, kettle bells, medicine balls, dumbbells, mats, skipping ropes, battle ropes to add fun & variety to our classes. No two sessions are the same!

Whilst most of our clients are ladies, there are a significant number of men attend too (approximately 70/30 ratio), so guys please remember you are more than welcome to join us! You don’t have to attend with a friend either, come on your own and be guaranteed a very warm welcome.

Cheshire Fitness boot camps run every Monday & Wednesday evening on the playing fields at Wilmslow High School at 7pm with myself, Glenn, or one of my team. Your first session is free. Please contact us for more details or just pop down to see us and say ‘hello’ : )

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