Why metabolic training beats a treadmill!

Why metabolic training beats a treadmill!

Believe it or not as a personal trainer and having been training solid for years, I have hardly set foot on a treadmill.. Curious

I firmly believe and from results I know that metabolic conditioning is far more effective in achieving a lean ripped muscular body than a piece of cardio equipment will ever be.

When running on a treadmill you are really technically only burning off fat, well that’s all well and good but when the fat is burned how are you going to get those abs and those muscles to show through.

That’s where REAL training comes into play; remember using weights only will not turn you into a meat head! Trust me I know, I am going to give you a taste of what a metabolic workout actually is and I want you to try it. I am not giving the whole workout away just a few exercises and then ask yourself, what is harder. A treadmill.. or a real workout.

Try it

15 barbell clean and press, super set that with

15 box jumps

12 wide pull ups, super set that with

20 kettle bell swings

20 one arm kettle bell cleans, super set that with

20 knee tucks

And repeat 3 times

I know you will feel the burn!

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