Main Health Benefits of Regular Exercise

There are many benefits of training and health, the feel good factor you get from training regularly is priceless, but there are a lot of other major benefits you get from exercise, and this blog is for the people who are considering starting, who are on the fringes of just making that extra effort to start up and begin their fitness journey.Unknown

The normal hard working person who has a 9-5 job and very rarely gets time for other activities can sometimes become sedentary with their repetitive lifestyle. Factors can begin to creep in to your life with this way of living such as stress, sleep deprivation, low self esteem, lack of confidence and a general feeling of poor health. Well I am going to name a few of the main benefits that exercise and training gives you, with training regularly the body releases endorphins that stem from the neurotransmitters produced from the brain and spinal cord, these endorphins diminish the perception of pain within the body.

Some of the main factors of regular exercise –

– boosts self esteem
– reduces stress
– wards of anxiety and depression
– improves sleep
– lowers blood pressure
– strengthens the heart
– increased energy levels
– improves posture

These are just a few of the many benefits of exercise, the hardest part is always the start when the pain and aching in your muscles will be at its worst, but once over that first hurdle it becomes an addictive factor in many people’s lives. Training and exercise has the unique ability to change peoples lives who choose to get involved in it, one workout can literally turn you from being in a terrible mood or place in your life to walking out and feeling great about yourself and generally putting you in a much better mood. It takes hard work and dedication and don’t forget it starts with you making the move first, but if you allow yourself to make that commitment and stay consistent with it, it can literally change your life forever.

To make that change today get in touch and we can start our journey together…


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