Keeping Muscle Proportion and Symmetry Plus Training Splits

The body as a whole must be of a certain proportion and shape, understanding the right training regimes and methods is of paramount importance. For example in a muscle building capacity such as bodybuilding style training, a training split is very important to understand, in everyday gym body parts must be trained accordingly and also given a sufficient amount of rest in between days to recover.. Unless you like to train that muscle group specifically or maybe feel you are lagging in that area. images

Over developing a muscle group is ok but, you have to keep the same amount of muscle on the rest of the body especially a muscle group which is cohesive to the muscles you have over devolve. What I mean by this for example if someone over develops their chest muscles but does not train their back muscles to the same extent you could end up with a slightly Kyphotic spine or hunched over look.

Speaking from my own experiences when I was younger at around the age of sixteen and first started properly getting into weight training, I believed the common stigma in the gym, in which pretty much consisted of having a big chest and big arms. The problem I later discovered is that my back was so under developed in comparison to my chest that it could of possible caused damage later on in life. So I rectified the situation and rounded out my upper body and trained my back a lot more and built it up to then having a much better overall physique.

There is nothing wrong with training a muscle group more than another but as long as you do it in the right way. My own personal training week at the present moment as it changes from time to time is a 6 day programme is –

Monday – legs
Tuesday – chest / biceps
Wednesday – back
Thursday – shoulders / triceps
Friday – legs
Saturday – arms
Sunday – rest

This is a split I have been doing recently and will stick with for a while, the reason I do legs twice a week is they are the biggest muscle group in the body, so I’m trying to promote muscle growth and definition through out the entire body, plus build the most amount of testosterone. I keep back days in between the two leg days due to the lower back and core fatigue which is produced when training legs and back especially. Splitting chest and shoulders up in between days to keep the front areas of the body a day to recover and split the back and front up in the right way, and then arms after the whole body has been trained throughly in the right way. I also want to keep my arms working and slightly isolated on other muscle group days so I finish my chest sessions off with usually 100 reps of bicep work and shoulder days with 100 reps of tricep work.

My core is always being work in a very effective way, I don’t necessarily isolate abs and core because with my compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press you are always engaging your core. An important thing to note is my two leg days are different, the Monday is predominantly a heavy day with a lot of different squatting techniques, stiff leg deadlifts and machine work, Friday is more of a lighter weight day but the weight is still fairly heavy but the exercises are different which include lunging, kb thrusters. The biggest change throughout the body is occurred when the legs are trained due to the sheer size of the muscles the whole body is working.

This training regiment works for me and my body and always train to the highest of my ability and give consistent effort, the training is intense but can be split into a more easier option such as a 4 day for example.

Monday – chest and back
Tuesday – rest
Wednesday – legs
Thursday – rest
Friday – shoulders and arms
Saturday – legs
Sunday – rest

A much easier way for people who want to simplify it over a lesser amount of days that they feel comfortable with and easier to maintain throughout their general lifestyle. You can alternate the days as well if you feel this better suits you but as I have laid this training split up you never have more than one day of rest, this the only way you will grow and ultimately get closer to achieving your goals. There is no substitute for hard work.

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