About Cheshire Fitness

About Cheshire Fitness

There’s nothing more important than our clients reaching their goals; and our aim is to get you there even quicker.  If you didn’t then our company wouldn’t exist and we take particular pride in the fact that our client base has continued to grow and our trainers show a healthy retention of clients well after they have reached their targets.  We put this down to making our sessions not only supportive and focused but fun too.  We want you to enjoy your training with us, as improbable as that may sound right now!

Personal training is exactly that, it’s about building personal relationships, reaching your goals is as much down to psychological responses as physiological ones and when we say we’re with you for the journey we don’t mean just for the few hours of weekly exercise but for any slip, problem, question and struggle you might face along the way.  Reaching your weight, health or fitness goals is a challenge and should be seen as such but it’s one that with help and support you will achieve.

Every client receives a free assessment to appraise current levels of fitness and ability to enable an appropriate and realistic initial goal to be set.

Fitness Appraisal

During your initial assessment we will ask you about your exercise history, past injuries and current motivations.  This will enable us to tailor an exercise and nutritional program that will work for you.  You will undergo a physical assessment that will test your:

  • Body Weight
  • Body Fat
  • Blood Pressure
  • BMI
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Posture & Flexibility

Once this has been completed it will allow us to develop realistic and achievable short-term and long-term goals based around your targets.  This assessment will be a continuously evolving process as you progress and hit your targets.

Postural Analysis

Our trainers are qualified in corrective and functional exercise, which means they are competent to assess skeletal and muscle structure and where any limitations may exist, which could cause injury or postural distortion in the future if not dealt with.  Many of us suffer from lower-back pain from long hours hunched over laptops, if this is you, it can be eradicated by following a simple flexibility program, which all Cheshire Fitness personal trainers are qualified to discuss and deliver.


Exercising without following an appropriate nutritional programme is like driving with the wrong type of fuel.  There are a myriad diet plans out there and we will help you navigate through the myths and confusion to reach the right nutrition plan for you.

You will complete a five-day food diary to allow your personal trainer to explain the positive and negative aspects of your diet and whether there are any specific triggers to your eating.  Regardless of whether your goal is weight-loss, muscle gain or to improve your general health and fitness there is a way of eating that will help you.  You will not just be handed a diet sheet but coached through why we have recommended a particular nutritional strategy for you, how to go about it, with recipe ideas and regular discussions to allow effective changes to maximise the benefits.

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